Our services

In addition to the development of our own products, we provide custom development and production for external companies. According to the customer's wishes, we are able to create a complete electronic solution covering hardware design, software development, prototype production and final serial production.

We always carry out the design with regard to the resulting useful value and price achieved using modern industrial components. We ensure serial production on the most modern machines with optics and quality control. We have more than twenty years of experience in the design of electronic circuits, especially in the field of BLDC motor control.


 MAV Sense sensors

What we offer?

  • Solutions built on ARM Cortex-M core. We utilize several lines of STM32 controllers.
  • Embedded software development in C/C++ language. In the case of long-term projects, support for scripting using the Lua language is possible.
  • Possibility of software updates. We offer a custom bootloader solution with secure encryption.
  • Additional software for PC built on the Qt framework. App option for iOS or Android.
  • Modern industrial protocols: CAN, IO-Link, TCP/IP, wireless solutions based on IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee), or Bluetooth.
  • Sensor Data Processing: Inertial units with complex algorithms covering "Sensor Fusion" task for data from gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and compass. We have extensive experience with many types of modern sensors measuring electrical and non-electrical variables.
  • Possibilities of user interfaces based on a wide range of displays (TFT LCD, OLED).
  • Effective control of BLDC/PMSM motors in a wide range of sizes and applications. Our controllers are used, for example, in the control of drones, as starters or combined starter-generators for internal combustion engines.


Modern speed controllers