UAV Projects

We offer customized speed controllers for BLDC/PMSM motors used (not only) in UAVs as starters combined with electric generators. With integrated telemetry and various possibilities of optional user configuration, the controllers offer high efficiency, low weight and precise motor control.
We offer two possible solutions:

Electric Starter

  • Combustion engine startup using a gearbox-equipped brushless motor (BLDC).
  • Automatic startup sequence with appropriate safety mechanisms.
  • 8 – 32V, 50A active current limiting.
  • Optically isolated control inputs:
    • PWM/servo signal to control the motor start sequence.
    • RPM input from the engine control unit as a part of the safety mechanisms.

Please contact us for further details.


Electric Starter-Generator

  • Combustion engine starter and electric generator in a single box. A BLDC motor is directly mounted on the engine shaft.
  • Automatic startup sequence with the appropriate safety mechanisms.
  • Autonomous operation in the Generator mode with configurable RPM-to-current curve.
  • Modified IBEX controllers support the starter-generator mode. Basic types:
    • IBEX 130: 12-51V (12S LiPo), peak 130A. Optically isolated control input (startup sequence and proportional current control).
    • IBEX 200: 12-59V (14S LiPo), peak 200A. Galvanically isolated control input (startup sequence and proportional current control). Automatic engine RPM control using a dedicated throttle servo output.
  • Automatic charging of the main LiPo battery (12S or 14S) using a configurable RPM-dependent current curve. The charging current is reduced as soon as the battery voltage reaches the user-defined target voltage.
  • Operation always with a battery.

Please contact us for further details.


IBEX 130: 3D

Common features

  • Small dimensions and high power motor control.
  • Over- and undervoltage protection, overtemperature protection, motor-stall protection.
  • Configurable current limiter.
  • Optically isolated throttle input (PWM 1.0-2.0ms).
  • Safety shutdown when the throttle impulse is lost.
  • Configurable acceleration, charging current, charging ramp.
  • Low acoustic noise due to high frequency switching.
  • Online telemetry (several UART-based protocols supported): voltage, current, power, capacity, temperature, RPM, energy.
  • Telemetry min/max values are logged.
  • Configuration through the MAV Manager PC software or an external terminal (JETIBOX).
  • Firmware updates via USB interface.
  • Languages: CZ/EN.