USB interface

USB interface
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USB Interface
USB Interface [EN] - English instruction manual
USB Interface [CZ] - Czech instruction manual

The USB interface is used to connect your USB equipped MAV Sense devices to your PC. This allows you to save or analyze your data as well as to update the firmware of your devices.

Replaced by: USB-C interface

Weight [g] 2
Dimensions [mm] 33 x 12 x 6
Operational temperature [°C] -20 – 85
Supply Voltage [V] 4.5 – 5.5V


  • Simple device updates via the MAV Manager software.
  • Data download from sensors.
  • Online telemetry view on the PC.
  • MINI USB Type B (USB 2.0).   



Connect the USB interface to your PC/laptop using a USBA to Mini B cable. The software drivers are usually installed automatically by the operating system and the interface appears in the Device Manager as a virtual COM port. If the drivers are not installed automatically, please follow the link below and install them manually:


Firmware Update

Firmware updates for the device are transferred from a PC via the USB interface. The required programs and files are available at Install the MAV Manager software and the USB drivers on your computer. Check the system requirements.

  1. Disconnect all accessories from device.
  2. Connect the USB interface to your PC, run MAV Manager and select the correct COM Port.
  3. Connect the device according to the picture below.
  4. Select the *.BIN file and press the Update button.


MAV Manager: Aktualizace