Files for download
SE6 [CZ] - Czech instruction manual (version 1.03)
SE6 [EN] - English instruction manual (version 1.03)

The Servo Expander SE6 is a device that converts serial bus signal to standard PWM servo outputs. It offers up to six configurable servo outputs with optional period and fail-safe setting. The SE6 is a perfect choice for models with complex wing or tail mechanics where multiple servos may be connected to a primary receiver using just a single cable.

Weight [g] 4.5
Dimensions [mm] 34 x 19 x 8
Continuous current [A] 15
Max. current (2s) [A] 60
Telemetry JETI Duplex, Multiplex, Graupner Hott, Futaba S.Bus, PowerBox P2Bus
Operational temperature [°C] -20 – 85
Supply Voltage [V] 4 – 14
Number of channels up to 6
Receiver inputs 1
Battery inputs 1
Voltage regulation No
Flight stabilization No

Supported protocols:

  • Futaba: S.Bus/S.Bus2
  • Graupner: SUMD, Hott telemetry for setting
  • JETI: EX Bus
  • Multiplex: SRXL 12ch, SRXL 16ch
  • PowerBox: P2Bus


  • Small dimensions and high current throughput via the integrated MR30 power connector.
  • Automatic detection of serial data/telemetry after startup.
  • Configuration through the transmitter, external terminal (JETIBOX/SMART-BOX) or MAV Manager PC software.
  • Firmware updates via USB interface.