Discontinued products

GPS Logger

The GPS Logger 2 is a telemetry device that offers fast and accurate real-time position detection and feedback. It uses multiple satellite navigation systems to achieve maximum precision and resolution. Logging of all the data is possible due to its large integrated Flash memory. The logged data can be downloaded and analyzed on a computer using the free MAV Manager software.

Replaced by: GPS Logger 2


High-power speed controller for BLDC motors offers continuous current up to 80A at a voltage of up to 51V (12S LiPo). Using a special firmware, we offer the optional starter or starter-generator mode.

Replaced by: IBEX 80X

USB interface

The USB interface is used to connect your USB equipped MAV Sense devices to your PC. This allows you to save or analyze your data as well as to update the firmware of your devices.

Replaced by: USB-C interface