The Altitude Motor Switch (AMS) is a versatile device suitable for several competition categories where the altitude or motor run time shall be limited. It can be used also as a standalone telemetric variometer. The sensor is usually connected between the receiver throttle channel and the appropriate signal input of the electronic speed controller.

GPS Logger

The GPS Logger is a telemetry device that offers fast and accurate real-time position detection and feedback. It uses multiple satellite navigation systems to achieve maximum precision and resolution. Logging of all the data is possible due to its large integrated Flash memory. The logged data can be downloaded and analyzed on a computer using the free MAV Manager software.

Micro Vario

MicroVario is a sensitive altimeter/variometer which uses the latest MEMS technology to achieve a high level of accuracy, while preserving miniature dimensions. The sensor is able to detect tiny changes in atmospheric pressure to indicate the climb/sink rate.


T125 (ID) is a tiny temperature sensor that supports multiple telemetry protocols. It can be used to measure temperature of the electric motor, batteries and other aspects of your model.

Voltario T70

The Voltario T70 is a high performance digital dual battery backer with advanced telemetry features. It contains a charging circuit and touch switch functionality. The device is ideal for mid-size models where high-voltage servos are used without voltage stabilization.