Micro Vario

Micro Vario
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Micro Vario
Micro Vario [CZ] - Instruction manual
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MicroVario is a sensitive altimeter/variometer which uses the latest MEMS technology to achieve a high level of accuracy, while preserving miniature dimensions. The sensor is able to detect tiny changes in atmospheric pressure to indicate the climb/sink rate.

Weight [g] 1
Dimensions [mm] 21,5 x 10 x 4
Telemetry Duplex EX, Multiplex MSB, Graupner Hott, Futaba S.Bus2
Operational temperature [°C] -20 – 85
Supply Voltage [V] 3.5 – 12


  • Small dimensions. The sensor is connected directly to the receiver telemetry port.
  • Accurate measurement of absolute/relative altitude and climb/sink rate.
  • Automatic telemetry detection: Duplex EX, Hott, MSB, S.Bus2. 
  • Configurable alarms on altitude and climb rate.
  • Configuration through the transmitter.
  • Firmware updates.