Voltario T70

Voltario T70
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T70 [CZ] - Czech instruction manual (version 1.05)
T70 [EN] - English instruction manual (version 1.05)
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The Voltario T70 is a high performance digital dual battery backer with advanced telemetry features. It contains a charging circuit and touch switch functionality. The device is ideal for mid-size models where high-voltage servos are used without voltage stabilization.

Weight [g] 23
Dimensions [mm] 40 x 21 x 6
Continuous current [A] 15
Max. current (2s) [A] 30
Telemetry Duplex EX, Hott, MSB, S.Bus2, SRXL2, P2Bus
Operational temperature [°C] -20 – 85
Supply Voltage [V] 4 – 12.6
Battery inputs 2
Voltage regulation No

Voltario T70 is suitable for models equipped either with dual receiver batteries, or with ESC battery eliminator circuit (BEC) used as a primary power source, combined with a small backup battery. The device prefers its primary battery input, while in case of voltage drop it automatically switches to the secondary input. The charging circuit may be optionally enabled to charge the secondary battery from the primary input/BEC.

Voltario T70 is designed to turn on/off the electronics in your model, it can replace a mechanical switch as well. The device remembers its last operating state, and if the battery is accidentally disconnected, the Voltario will automatically boot up again as soon as the battery is connected again.


  • Intelligent dual battery backer/multiplexer with configurable voltage switchover threshold.
  • Touch switch function. Optionally, the possibility of connecting a magnetic, mechanical or electronic switch or button.
  • Duplex EX, Futaba S.Bus2, Multiplex MSB, Graupner Hott, PowerBox P2Bus telemetry support (current, voltage, capacity of both battery inputs).
  • Optional charging of the secondary battery.
  • Remembers the last operating state.
  • Two expansion ports that allow connecting additional Duplex EX/EX Bus sensors. Alternatively, the ports offer digital inputs/outputs functionality.